Frequent flyers with tiny tots know the struggle of being on an aeroplane. At times, one may get stuck next to a screaming baby. These situations can be unpleasant and lead to inconvenience for fellow passengers. Addressing such challenges to achieve a smoother journey, flyers can turn to a new solution that’s launched by Turkish-Dutch leisure carrier Corendon Airlines.

The sister company to Turkey-based Corendon Airlines, Corendon Dutch Airlines, will begin testing the new approach on flights between Amsterdam (AMS) and the Caribbean island of Curacao (CUR) from 3rd November. The seats onboard total 432, with all of them as economy class.

The designated adults-only zone will include the first 11 rows of the aircraft, i.e., between doors 1 and 2, with a galley behind. The seats total 102 (including nine with extra legroom), which is about 25% of the seats onboard and will come at a premium.

Furthermore, the zone will stay separated from the rest of the plane by walls and curtains. The airline reiterated that it will create a shielded environment, contributing to a calm and relaxed flight.

Atilay Uslu, the founder of Corendon Airlines, explained that they strove to respond to the different needs of their customers. He added that they were also the first Dutch airline to introduce the Only Adult zone because they cater to travellers looking for some extra peace of mind during their flight.

The initiative represents an excellent revenue opportunity for the airline. Moreover, it will hopefully stop complainers in their tracks because they now have another option. Ultimately, it will also positively affect parents with young children, bringing them peace of mind that their crying baby or boisterous toddler will not be bothering other flyers.