Are you one of the fliers who won’t conk out (get tired and sleep) during a flight? If you’ve had trouble sleeping blissfully on a plane, keep reading for some cool tips.

Avoid alcohol and caffeine

Alcohol on a flight is always a temptation, but it is best avoided as it can help deal with jet lag. The beverage could affect the quality of sleep and lead to frequent waking up. If one still wants to, add a little tipple. Further, one can take a probiotic like Zbiotics to ward off hangovers. Yet another tip is to avoid caffeine. Nevertheless, remember to stay well-hydrated and focus on an anti-jet lag diet. How can one achieve this goal? Try eating healthy meals days before the trip can help with this aspect.

Pack right products

Flyers who prefer total peace and need total darkness and silence to sleep may choose to pack a complete blackout face mask – one that’s soft and comfortable, and wax earplugs. Flyers can also try a slightly weighted sleep mask, which helps with a small amount of pressure to help relax the nerves. There are products like a Vagus nerve calming to help one drift off. The device sends out small sound waves and vibrates in a way that soothes the nervous system.

Adjust sleep schedule ahead of time

Flying into a new time zone could affect the body’s circadian rhythm. That’s the cycle the body uses to sleep, produce energy, and metabolise. Thus, the changes could be tough on circadian rhythms when crossing time zones. It is vital to start adjusting the sleep schedule days before the flight. One can try tweaking gradually in 20 to 30-minute intervals.

Opt for a window seat

Try booking a window seat – imagine being able to rest your head on the window. Yes, that’s right – it would feel great! Plus, as a flyer you’d be in control of the window shade. What’s more, fellow passengers who wish to use the aeroplane bathroom won’t disturb you.

Skip the in-flight meal

For fewer sleep interruptions, flyers can think of skipping the in-flight meal, especially when on overnight flights. Try having dinner at the airport before boarding, that way one can settle into sleep as the aeroplane is all set to go up.