The COVID-19 pandemic that started in 2020 was just the beginning of a massive overhaul for airline companies all over the world. 2022 was no different, as companies began their flight routes but fell short on handling the ‘global luggage crisis’. As people continue to get into gear to satisfy their itch for travelling & living the nomadic lifestyle, they need to look out for these five trends that will change air travel again in 2023.

Travel Costs will Play a Vital Role

The 2022 post-covid travel disruption is said to ease by early to mid-2023, even though travel goers are said to increase. With countries slowly easing up on travel restrictions and International air travel coming back in full force, airfare is said to rise dramatically and remain steady until things return to normal. A lot of air travel will depend on the fare, so companies will closely monitor this trend.

Flying will not be Seasonal

Whether flying during the summer season, getting home during holidays like Christmas & Thanksgiving or trying your hand at off-season months for visiting a particular city, flying will continue to be a year-long adventure. It might be a good idea to ditch flying in the off-season because that is now catching up to be a peak time for tourists hoping to stay within budget in most European cities.

Sustainable Air Travel will be Important

Sustainability in air Travel has always been a big concern for travel goers and companies alike because the opportunities to ‘Go Green’ are not just limited to revolutionizing jet fuel. A large portion of what we eat & what we handle is plastic, and companies are looking to make fabrics, cutlery, and even dining more sustainable for eco-conscious passengers.

Alternative Airports set to Rise

Major city airports were already flying at near full capacity before the start of the pandemic. Still, the 2022 crisis of mishandling luggage & customer service could see the rapid rise of alternative airports. In the past, JFK Airport was once considered a hub for international travel, but now Newark & LaGuardia airports are slowly rising in popularity for United Airlines travellers.

Changing Designs & Cabin Seating

Airline companies are gearing up to keep the air travel business afloat, and with that comes the redesign of the cabin interiors and seating combinations. The Airbus 220 jetliner, which offers comfortable seating & spacious airspace cabin, is said to be the talk of the town, with other airlines slowly eliminating Business Class and adding in more seats to sell as Premium Economy.