With air travel being among the quickest & safest ways to travel around the world, there is plenty of reason for companies to branch out and cater to an elite clientele that would prefer to fly solo. From private jets to commercial airlines, there are several options for whichever ride you can afford; but which one is the most eco-friendly besides being economical? You’ll be surprised to know the answer to that!

We can’t ignore the headlines condemning billionaires, celebrities and philanthropists using private aviation as a part of increasing their wealth; but surprisingly it is also more sustainable than you think. We like to compare flying private to more luxury air travel, but unlike commercial airlines & companies that are more fixated on getting more revenue, private aviation is taking concrete steps to lessen the carbon footprint and go greener when it comes to coming up with substitutes for sustainable aviation fuel.

Private jets may not be the cleanest mode of transportation, but they are handy for disaster relief aid, quick travel across the nation and their safety since they only take a handful of passengers on board.

The relationship between private jets and carbon footprint is complicated at best. But companies are developing innovative solutions to kickstart the private aviation trend to get people to contribute to the green campaign cause. Paramount Business Jets have come up with a carbon footprint calculator & system on how your contribution is not just for luxury and convenience but also to offset carbon emissions. Private companies are doing their part to research & recognise the importance of combatting global warming, especially when it comes to the most frequented mode of travel in the modern world.

While it may seem like excessive money to the average person, there is hope that developments in sustainable air travel may begin with private aviation before being introduced on a much larger scale with commercial airlines.