Have you looked out for aeroplanes that are other than white? While white is the most preferred colour for aeroplanes, here are some top colourful ones in the world. Here’s a quick roundup for you.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest has earned a reputation for a distinctively colourful and recognizable aeroplane fleet in North America. With a selection of colours such as “desert gold” and “canyon blue,” it’s a jaw-dropping airline. The Southwest liveries are bold and have scored fashion points with the carrier’s classic gold, red, and orange schemes. The fleet of planes is crafted to look more iconic, and the extra layers tell a story. As the team reiterates, they’re different and unique and celebrate that difference.


The Calgary, Canada-based carrier unveiled an exciting custom-painted Boeing, the Next-Generation 737 aircraft. The Boeing was crafted to revel in the popularity of the Disney movie, “Frozen”. While the fuselage features snowman Olaf having fun on the beach, the tail features sisters Princess Anna and Queen Elsa. The Disney Frozen-themed plane has 23 colours that are used in the design. Plus, sparkles are added to the paint in sections that depict the movement whilst the aircraft whizzing in the sky.

Air New Zealand

Kiwis have a new star with its world-first Star Alliance livery. The airline’s A321neo sports a unique look, featuring the colour black that’s significant to New Zealanders. The new star will sport a white livery in the backdrop of the iconic Kiwi colour. The special jet-black Star Alliance livery highlights the importance of the colour to the country and is expected to have one of the three models ready by 2023 and the other by 2026.

Eva Air

Eva Air helps passengers travel through the starry sky to destinations around the world. The Taipei, Taiwan-based airline partnered with Japan’s Sanrio to create eye-catching characters painted on them, including Hello Kitty and other Sanrio characters. The Hello Kitty aircraft was created using an Airbus A330-200 in October 2005. Further, the airline created three new liveries Hello Kitty with Magic Stars; Hello Kitty Loves Apples, and Hello Kitty Around the World, which were on its new A330-300 jets.