China’s HNA Group, the parent company of Hainan Airlines, will take delivery of the glamorous shiny new 787 Boeing Business Jet (787 BBJ), in the third quarter of 2016.

This private jet will have a range of 9,800 miles or 17 hours of flying time, with only 40 passengers (VVIP) on board (wherein the commercial 787 carries 300 passengers), luggage, fuel and a whole lot of swanky amenities at service in flight. The price tag of the 787-9 commercial carrier is approximate $250 million whereas this business jet will cost Hainan Airlines $300 million.

For the first time, Dreamliner (Boeing 787) is converted into a private jet. Kestrel Aviation Management, Pierrejean Design Studios and Greenpoint Technologies, have designed and engineered the interior of the airplane from scratch. Though many 787s have been converted so far from the commercial passenger plane to private ones, this will be the first specifically built as Boeing business (private) Jet, the 143rd Dreamliner will roll out of the Boeing factory.

Kestrel Aviation Management CEO Stephen Vella says “HNA’s new Dreamliner is symbolic of a hot new trend in private and corporate aviation – long-range, mid-size, wide-body airliner. It’s an emerging market that didn’t really exist in the past.” Today leading business tycoons and heads of state are too much pressed for time. This raises the necessity of them to fly long distances (fly anywhere in the world) nonstop.

Until the recent years, the long haul flights were only the monopoly of four-engine jets. This also had safety concerns and traditional thinking that four engine jets are more reliable for ultra long range flights. However, with the enhanced incredible reliability of modern turbofan engines, the regulatory limitations on twin-engined jets have been wiped out. Now, planes such as the A350 and the 787 can fly anywhere the owner requires, but in the more affordable package than four-engine jets. “You can fly between virtually any two points on the globe,” says Vella of Dreamliner.

This 787 Dreamliner has 2400 square feet of luxury space. The interior of this 40-passengerfeatures a palette of neutral brown and gray tones, a forward master suite with bedroom, an open lounge area, bar and, in the rear, a guest cabin with first-class passenger seating. The design philosophy used for this ultra luxurious jet is a fusion of European and Asian tradition. Very soft earth tones and harmonious textures in materials including hardwoods, marble, fabric, and leathers as well as composite precious stones at some places make the interior of the aircraft elegant.