The flu epidemic may be a concern with flyers spreading germs whilst travelling over the holidays. How to enjoy travelling without catching the flu? Here are a few tips that can help you enjoy safe travel and prevent flu germs from spread.

1. Stay Home

It is best to avoid travelling when you are sick to fly. This will ensure that the illness (like the flu) is not spread, and apart from which a little bit of rest can help.

2. Stay Protected before the flight

Get the flu shots at least two weeks before you fly from the Centres for Disease Control, and eat healthily and get a good night’s sleep.

3. Stay away from germ hot spots

The aisle seats, the tray tables, and the seat-back pockets all are ‘high-risk’ areas. And, the flu virus can live on hard surfaces for around 24 hours. It is best to stay away from such germ hot spots. Also, carry alcohol-based wipes to clean the tray table before use. Try and wash your hands whenever possible.

4. Wait to Board

Avoid boarding in a crowded line and prefer to hang back and board at the end.

5. Prefer a window seat

Sitting in the aisle may be easier to access the bathroom. However, it is also an area which stays more exposed to people walking through the cabin. A window seat would reduce the possibility of being exposed.

6. Use Air Vent

Turning on the air vent can increase air circulation and improve the air quality, thereby moving the germs away.

7. Stay Hydrated

Drying out enables catching a respiratory virus, so carry a nasal spray bottle and lubricate the nose before boarding. Avoid drinking caffeine or alcohol, as both can increase dehydration and decrease the immunity system.

8. Carry own pillow and blanket

Flyers may also consider carrying their pillows and blankets, which would be a more reliable option.