Starling Jet

Starling Jet. Credit: Samad Aerospace

Imagine hassle-free international air travel, where one can eliminate busy security lines or passport control. A new aeroplane developed by U.K. start-up Samad Aerospace and unveiled at a recent Singapore Airshow has made this dream a business reality. The aeroplane named Starling Jet takes off and lands like a helicopter and can be used for humanitarian use in disaster recovery and also function as an ambulance.

The aircraft can seat up to ten people and has the capability of a vertical take-off and landing capacity like a helicopter. The developers cite that it is the world’s first hybrid-electric business aircraft which can travel at speeds of 450mph/724kph. The engineers are hoping that the jet would get perfected and would soar through the skies by 2024. Seyed Mohsenim, CEO of Samad Aerospace stated that their dream was to revolutionise the way humans and goods fly around the world. Mohsenim reiterated to imagine a transportation that would be safer than a car, completely flexible, and as eco-friendly as an electric vehicle. He added aspects to the imagination including less time-consumption than any plane and the luxury as a private jet.

The Startling Jet is reportedly eco-friendly and would emit less CO2 attributed to the hybrid engines that extend electric and diesel propulsion. The jet would travel distances between 900 and 1500 miles and would be full electric during the take-off and landing. During high altitude cruising, the use of conventional diesel turbofan engine propulsion is reported.

Samad Aerospace reiterated that it had a world-renowned team of experts in the aerodynamics domain, and the aircraft design and propulsion systems would redefine the air travelling experience.