JetPurple has turned the aviation industry upside down by creating a private jet charter that anyone can get in on. The plane charter offered through JetPurple allows travellers to feel comfortable with the trips they are taking. Everyone travelling with the company can jump on any flight to avoid the commercial airlines charging too much to pack planes to the gills with people.

The private jets offered by this company have just a few seats, and the seats on the plane give everyone enough room to relax and roam. The small group can chat over a nice drink, and the people on the aircraft have plenty of room to sleep or relax during the flight. You will feel different getting on this plane, and you will notice the massive difference the moment you climb on board.
The flight attendants will look after your every need, and you can have private chats with these staff members because the flight is so small. It is an even better way to travel when you are at a loss for time. You can schedule flights on charters at the last minute that have just a few people on them, and you will pay no more than you would pay with a regular airline. You are putting out the same money for a much better experience.
You will likely never fly commercial again when you realize that you can get on a chartered plane with a small group of people who will become your friends while you fly with a drink in your hand and flight attendants all around.