Know About Aeroplane Features That Save Your Life

Passengers in the aircraft.

Passengers in the aircraft. Credit: Public Domain/StelaDi

Jetting off on a vacation can be a comforting experience. A quick check, you know there will be food, aisle seats, and ever-smiling air hosts. You know that isn’t all. Aircrafts are packed with features that are surreptitiously keeping you safe. 1. Ash Trays in the Washroom
Are you mulling on why have ashtrays in the washrooms on a plane? FAA reiterates that lavatory doors have to be fitted with ashtrays. As cited by British Airways in 2009, if someone were to light a cigarette on board there should be a safe place to extinguish it.

2. Handles by the Emergency Exit door
In the case of an emergency evacuation, when passengers panic they may pull or push crew out with them. The handles offer the crew something to hold on to.

3. Black Triangles on the Wall
The mysterious black triangles indicate the position from which the wings can be spotted by staff from the cabin. It extends the best angle to check the position of flaps and slats.

4. Axes in Cockpit
Axes in the cockpit could be a life saver. The doors can be cut with axes, as it was done on German Wings Airbus A320. It can also be used as a firefighting equipment. Most carriers are considering replacing axes with crowbars.

5. Wing Hooks
The wing hooks can come in very handy in case of water evacuation or an escape, the hooks can be attached to ropes for people to hold on to. Tying lifeboats to the wings can also be considered.

6. Tiny Holes in Plane Windows
All plane windows are featured with three different acrylic layers and the middle one has a breather hold. The tiny gap helps to regulate the pressure changes.

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