The first-ever BBJ (Boeing Business Jet) 787 – unveiled at the 2016 European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition in Geneva, Switzerland. Boeing 787 Dreamliners which serve as commercial aircraft, carry between 240 and 335 passengers. But this one unveiled at Geneva has been transformed into a 40-passenger private jet. It is spacious and well designed with plush interiors which resembles an airborne penthouse apartment.
Developed by Kestrel Aviation Management, an American aviation asset management company specialises in the airline and corporate aircraft acquisition, sale, modification, and financing. This BBJ 787-8 nicknamed the Dreamjet. This 2,400 sq.ft., 40 seats corporate/business jet has nearly 9,800 nautical mile range and the ability to fly over 17 hours non-stop, i.e. almost between all major cities on this mother earth. Dreamjet is the eleventh wide-body corporate jet Kestrel Aviation Management has managed as a turn-key project but the first they have been able to show in public.
Kestrel Aviation Management along with Pierrejean Design Studio (specialist in superyacht and aircraft design) of Paris produced the lavish interior of BBJ 787-8. Kestrel negotiated, supervised the complete makeover of Dreamjet and finally closed the deal with Chinese operator Deer Jet.
DreamJet is intended to serve as a sanctuary to the elite passengers on board. The designers have paid close attention to space would stimulate each of the senses. The senses of smell and taste were taken the uttermost care not challenging unduly. For this, the team considered air distribution and filtration of the ventilation/air conditioning plants very carefully and segregated zones with hard and soft barriers. For touch sense, innovative tactile materials were used to create a “luxuriously organic” setting in all the areas and eventually finished with flowing lines and the absence of sharp edges. Kestrel claims to have sourced unique materials that are never before seen on such a large scale on any customised corporate aircraft.
Special attention was given to the cabin design to optimise it considering the long-haul flying the executives may take. And it is comprising zones that reflect the requirements of government, corporate and very high net worth people on board, such as privacy with discrete guests and staff segregation. The cabin reflects the usage of Innovative material, texture and colour of the fabric used, choice mood lighting offers a great unique, visually relaxing and functional, high-quality ambience avoiding clutter.
Features include a grand entry in the plane with high domed ceilings, beautifully carved hardwood flooring, sculpted doors, marble bathrooms, oversized showers, hand-tufted carpet with silk accents, and architectural pieces in unique materials with varied looks.