Private Jet Charters: who and where do they go?

The typical ultra-high net worth individual is a man aged 40-50, who own their own business in the oil and gas market. Their use of private jets have risen by 3% in just the last year.

The Unites States Of America claims 60% of these individuals and in the USA going from Miami to New York, New York to Los Angeles, New York to West Palm Beach, Chicago to New York, Houston to New York, and West Palm Beach to New York are all among the top ten destinations in the United States for private jet travel.

Though the majority of the travel in private jets happens in the USA, The ultra high net worth individuals are living in London, the second highest of these individuals lives in Tokyo, and the third highest ultra high net worth individuals are in New York.

The second ultra high net worth individuals travel is in Europe. London travel to New York is a popular travel destination. Europe’s travel is sure to increase because London is the most important city in the world. Private jet travel will also increase due to the fact that the ultra high net worth individuals have risen by approximately 5% in fifteen countries around the world. Among these people, the travel on private jets that have been chartered, is equivalent to the average person hoping on a bus or taking a taxi to where they want to go for both business and travel.

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