Stratos Aircraft

Credit: Stratos Aircraft

Stratos Aircraft located at Redmond, Oregon had made an announcement in the month of July 2008 about making of Stratos 714 – a very light jet (VLJ) aircraft. The company had described the aircraft as owner-flown Very Light Personal Jet (VLPJ – A new terminology). They unveiled Stratos 714 at the AirVenture 2017 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The plane very quickly grabbed the attention of the guests at AirVenture.

Stratos 714 made its first maiden flight on 21 November 2016. This plane is powered by a Pratt & Whitney JT15B-5 engine and it can cruise at a maximum speed of 415 knots but normal cruising speed is 390 knots at a stretch of 1500 knots without refueling. Exterior height of the plane is 9 ft 8 inches, length is 35 ft 8 inches and its wingspan is of 40 ft 5 inches. Cabin height and length is 4 ft 8 inches and 9 ft 5 inches respectively.

Stratos Aircraft has designed this aircraft eyeing the personal, corporate, and air taxi clientele. The standard model will accommodate four passengers and one crew but the interior can be modified to carry six passengers.

The company claims the performance of this aircraft will differentiate it so as to stand out than any other VLJ in its class. It has the highest weight to thrust ratio and an ability to climb up to 41000 feet. Stratos 714 has so far done about 70 hours of test flights and that too with its maximum weight carrying capacity of 8300 pounds. But the company is still not taking any commercial orders for 714, as they say a lot more testing and improvements are to be carried out. Stratos Aircraft is very sure about the progress they are making and have declared that by the end of the year 2017 they will be in a position to place it on the market for sale. At present company is undergoing a financial crunch and is discussing with investors for providing funds to expedite the project.