Flight Secrets Revealed – A Hidden Handle Used For Emergencies

Safety on flights is paramount. What is the emergency evacuation time? It is set at 90 seconds, and planes must evacuate in an emergency in the slated timings. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reportedly dictates and allows those airlines who can clear this timing.

Solar powered plane completes 26-hour flight successfully

A solar powered plane designed to fly round-the-clock without traditional fuels has completed its 26-hour flight after flying continuously through the night.

Google to buy ITA software

Google has bought Massachusetts-based ITA software firm for $700m (£460m) to make it convenient for users to search for specific flight information on its highly-dominant search engine.

Airport Lounges (Clubs)

Delays in flights, security checks, arriving too early for check-in are a part and parcel of airline travel.