Airport Lounges (Clubs)

Lufthansa Airport Lounge at Frankfurt Airport

Lufthansa Airport Lounge at Frankfurt Airport (CC/Don Serapio)

Delays in flights, security checks, and arriving too early for check-in are all part and parcel of airline travel. Despite travelers understanding the existence of such and many more unwanted factors in airline travel, it is no wonder they play chaos in executives’ professional lives. Airport lounges offer a solution and make up for the lost time by providing all the necessary comforts in work and relaxation. An airport lounge, also known as airport club is a lounge or place of relaxation offered by the airline for travelers on long-haul flights, delayed flights or those who ought to recover from a tiring journey.

An airport lounge comes with a package of luxurious facilities specially designed for business and long distance travelers. Along with the peace and quiet, there are a number of luxury services provided such as meeting rooms, Wi-Fi access, spas, gyms, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, phone & fax, TV and babysitting facilities for families. Access to an airport lounge also means that you gain better assistance, as customer service representatives are more attentive

There are several methods for gaining access to an airport lounge.

  • The airline you travel with may have its own lounge and purchasing an annual or lifetime membership is the regular approach.
  • Discounts on lounge access are available for frequent flyers to be exchanged using ‘miles’.
  • Owning a high-end credit card allows free entry to lounges, as long as the person is entitled to own the card.
  • Travelers frequently traveling first class or business class are sometimes allowed free admission.
  • Using an airline status card, one can attain access to airline and its partner airline lounges.

Major airlines operate lounges in a majority of big cities around the world while smaller airlines offer it only in their hometowns. They propose various services, ranging from a simple yet cozy seating area to a more luxurious swimming pool and massage therapies. Most of the airport lounges will welcome you by offering the following comforts:

  • Alcoholic & Non Alcoholic beverages (free or on purchase)
  • Snacks
  • Business needs like newspapers, Wi-Fi zone, TV, phone, fax, conference (meeting) rooms
  • Indulgences like top-notch restaurants, private cabanas with private showers, massage services designed around travel stress, artistic interiors by world-renowned designers, large plasma screens showing the latest news updates.
  • Personalized services including medical attention
  • Day care centre
  • Billiards, video and computer games to keep you engaged.

Here is a list of notable airport lounges that possibly couldn’t go unnoticed:

1. Admirals Lounge – American Airlines, John F Kennedy International Airport, USA

2. Air France Lounge at Terminal #2 – Air France, Charles de Gaulle International Airport, France

3. Golden Lounge – Malaysian Airlines, Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia

4. Lufthansa Lounge – Lufthansa, Frankfurt International Airport, Germany

5. Premium Terminal – Qatar Airways, Doha International Airport, Qatar

6. President’s Club – Continental Airlines, Ronald Reagan National Airport, Washington D.C., USA

7. Qantas First Class Lounge – Qantas, Sydney International Airport, Australia

8. SAS Lounge – Copenhagen International Airport, Denmark

9. Silver Kris – Singapore Airlines, Singapore Changi Airport, Singapore

10. Smokers Lounge – Swissair, Zurich International Airport, Switzerland

11. Star Alliance Lounge – Zurich International Airport, Switzerland

12. Terraces Lounge – British Airways, JFK International Airport, USA

13. The Royal Orchid – Thai Airways, Bangkok Airport, Thailand

14. The Wing – Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong

15. VIP Lounge – LanChile, Santiago International Airport, Chile

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