The Best Onboard Bars in the Airplanes

Onboard bar, Emirates

Onboard bar, Credit: Emirates

Onboard bars in airplanes are an amazing place to hang out or mingle. The first and business class bars onboard experience is customer-centric and getting more lavish.

Some airlines in the world that offer onboard bar lounges are Virgin Australia, Etihad Airways, Korean Air, Qatar Airways, and Emirates Airlines. Currently, Virgin Atlantic is the only airline which boasts of a bar on all of its airplanes.

Emirates Airlines

The Emirates A380 business class bar maybe having a smaller seating area but it has a sociable atmosphere and a chic layout. If you were flying first, then the crew would send the first class only liquor to the bar for you. The travellers get excited seeing a bottle with his name on it.

Qatar Airways

The Qatar Airways lounge onboard A380 flights had the largest airplane bar that offers best canapés, and smoked salmon, mini desserts and more.

Virgin Atlantic

Turbine bar

Turbine bar. Credit: Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic is the only airline which has bars on all of its planes and is available to business class passengers. The Turbine bar offers a variety of drinks, on cocktails, a mojito or a similar drink.

Virgin Australia

The full-service bar which is onboard the Boeing 777 had a modern, hotel style layout. Space is featured with a bar for up to four guests and had a separate lounge area for two more passengers.


Etihad is considered as one of the world’s best airlines and proudly boasts of one of the swankiest airplane bars. The A380 flights feature, ‘The Lobby,’ which is a serviced lounge and bar area with the most extensive range of fine wine in the bar.

Korean Air

The guests aboard on the A380 airplanes of Korean Air can enjoy the Celestial Bar. It can be said that it is the futuristic hot spot in the sky that gives guests the space to spread out.

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