Gulfstream G200 s/n 163

Credit: Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation

Flying in a rented private jet can be a hassle-free experience that has unrivaled comfort and myriad benefits. Whether to fly commercially or fly in a rented private jet has many factors which can help make the decision.

Private Jet Flying Perks

No Waiting: All you need to do whilst flying private is to arrive just before flying, and get ready to board carrying your luggage. The entire process also saves a lot of time.

Fly with pets: Private jets allow you to fly with your pets, so pet parents can travel relaxed watching their pets around them. And, pets will feel pampered as they are welcomed on board.

More Privacy: Private jets offer more privacy. So, you won’t have to share much of your armrest with a fellow-passenger or squeeze your way while reaching the restroom.

Travel with luggage: Imagine travelling with holiday gifts or your favourite musical instrument or sports gear. All this is possible whilst flying on a private jet, as passengers have access to their baggage on board.

Absorb Views: Private jets offer wonderful opportunities to fliers to absorb the views, as most flights fly at a lower altitude.

The Cost of Renting: Private jets are getting cheaper and more accessible. Usually, the rates are determined by the size of the aircraft and the number of hours flown. So, carriers with 3-6 passenger capacity are reportedly the least expensive, and the jets carrying 10-18 people can cost around $7000 per hour. However, private jet companies offer more competitive pricing so as to attract new customers. So, the providers offer schemes like empty leg flights that are a return journey that has no passengers, which give fliers huge discounts. Apart from which, there are membership programmes or subscription services, where all one needs to do is pay a standard monthly fee and fly as many times as one would choose to.