Who wouldn’t love celebration cakes, candles, and champagne service, on their special day? It could be a birthday, an anniversary, or a honeymoon, and flying on a special day should remain as exciting. Imagine the glow when you see your loved one enjoy the customized surprise. If that’s exciting, then remember that some airlines offer secret services to enhance the journey. The services may differ between the airlines and also depend on the class being flown in.

Myriad airlines offer a multitude of in-flight services. Emirates airlines offer a cake and champagne service, and the cake can be customized depending on the occasion. Is it free for the economy class? At times airlines charge additionally for the service for the economy class, while the business class may get the service for free. Also, flyers need to note that the service needs to be requested for, 24 hours before departure.

Cathay Pacific reportedly has the cake service (that can be customized), which needs to be pre-ordered and is written on their website at a cost of £30. And, Singapore Airlines extends delightful treats like fresh cream cake, champagne, or souvenir teddies, as a part of celebrations on the special occasion.

Some other airlines offer additional services including food, drinks, or a happy birthday song. And, some travelers have been reported to have received a free upgrade for their birthday, depending on the space on the aircraft.

Researching on the services offered by airlines can help with the little something extra, which can not only make the day special but make flying a whole lot more exciting.