The largest aircraft in the world, Airlander 10, is all set to take to the skies once again after its test flight crash last summer. A ’Flying bum’ as it is lovingly called due to its shape, measures 92ms and is one part helicopter and part airship.

Last August the aircraft had suffered a crash in the fields of Bedfordshire in England. The cockpit of the aircraft had suffered damages after the rough landing. However, after the incident, the instrument panels, an overhead console, and wirings have been successfully reinstalled.

It was initially developed for the US government as a surveillance ship, but later on, it was neglected. However, Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV) started thinking of flying the Airlander once again. The aircraft uses helium gas to fly in the air and flies at the speed of 150 km/h. Made of the sturdy Vectran material; it maintains its pressure due to the helium itself.

The Airlander 10, does not require any runway and can be used for multiple purposes like passenger travelling, communications, supervision, etc.