Are you going to be on a long-haul flight in the economy class? The cramped seating has always been a worry and the thrilling experience of flying suddenly is dampened with discomfort and a never-ending ordeal. Here’s some good news, with an edge of technology and innovation in aero-industry, the global air passengers flying economy class will find some welcome transformations with the comfort factor at the core.

The fully flat and lie-down airplane seats featured with innovative design is all set to bring the sense of ergonomics and lavish travel to the premium economy class. Long haul flights present a discomfort and sometimes resulting in erratic sleep. This is all set to change with the new proposal from Skift, Formation Design.

The proposal presents a revamped new layout for the airplane cabins, so it is not just a new type of seat arrangement for the customers. The lie-down seats and suites could be completely customisable by the cabin crew for each flight.

So, the air passengers could expect to find the Standard, premium economy seats take the base level and the business class beds at a higher level on the top with a touch of overlap.

The design is featured to optimise on the existing space on the plane. Air passengers can now have their seat in a fully lying down position and the lavish arrangement of completely stretching out.