The future potential of solar and electric engineering in aviation is definitely exhilarating. And, some of the new and ongoing projects that are taking place could make a huge impact on the private charter market in near future.

Popular Electric & Solar Aviation Projects

Airbus Group’s E-Fan, an electric-powered aircraft was one of the most advanced projects to be developed in recent times. The fully electric aircraft by Didier Esteyne saw initial success in 2015. The Group had the vision to sell the aircraft as a pilot training device, but this got shelved to focus on the broader development of electric aviation projects. And, the Airbus Group is now exploring a range of other future electric-hybrid concepts in partnership with others for commercial passenger flight.

In the context of solar aircraft, Solar Impulse is quite popular. The giant bird-like aircraft is featured with a wingspan bigger than a 747 with the weight of an automobile and has a solar skin with around 17,000 solar cells. Swiss pilots, Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg set out in 2015 to fly the Solar Impulse 2 around the world. And, by 2016, their dream was realised and the feat accomplished increasing the world’s interest to clean energy.

New Electric Development (with the MagniX engine)

The development of an electric battery propulsion system project was announced recently by start-up magniX. The system could replace the turboprop engine. The project could also find popular turboprops like the Cessna Caravan or Beechcraft King Air using electric motors if successful instead of their traditional parts.

The magniX model is having the capacity of 350 horsepower and further aims to scale to around 750 horsepower, which is the power needed to operate a Cessna 208 Caravan.

The true value of the system is the innovative motor and also the profitability and the low operating costs. And, the start-up reiterates that the motor would not exceed 40-60% of the current average operating costs of turboprop engines. Apart from which, the system would have a clear savings on fuel, and other environmental benefits. And, CEO Roei Ganzarski’s vision is to open up new possibilities for passenger service between smaller communities with under-utilized airfields.

Private Charter of Electric Aircraft

In the context of the charter market, the turboprop aircraft has been a popular segment, and there is an exciting potential in the segment. Many experts are expecting a lot of advancements in the industry.