With the advancement of the modern technology, flying by private jet is no longer the monopoly of only the super-rich. It can be said that the entire aviation industry is undergoing a huge change these days, as the business models are now created to fit the passengers into the idle aircraft.

The sale of the private jets has been less in the recent times, and their manufacturing too has dropped by 6.4% this year and is expected to further drop by 3.7% in the next year. Companies are now looking towards establishing new ways to get the people employ aeroplanes but without the normal hassles of flying commercial planes. Ride-sharing programs, Membership facilities, start-ups and on-demand charter providers have started this movement to make private flying more simpler.

However, the plane-makers have quoted that this is a welcome change which may actually help the industry to grow. Sharing a flight will increase the customers in the future as the people will get more facilities for less money. Many Apps are available today by which people can register themselves for an annual fee and get free jet seats for the plane catered by other customers.

These kinds of practices will certainly have a positive effect on the industry in the near future.