Credit: Public Domain/MichaelGaida

Credit: Public Domain/MichaelGaida

Travellers can now board the flight without showing their travel documents multiple times. The facial-recognition technology will serve the purpose.

Before boarding the flight, travellers have to stand in the long queues to show their passports, air tickets, etc. multiple times at the security gate, at the check-in counter, at outbound immigration. Now they can easily and quickly board the flight without showing any of their travel documents, as just the face is enough to get them away. A new technology has been developed and getting introduced at many airports that will use facial recognition technology to speed up the boarding process.

The main London Heathrow Airport is using this technology to improve efficiency and speed up the lengthy processes. The biometric devices at the main security area capture traveller’s features and boarding pass, and then the traveller’s identity gets verified at the gate allowing them to board the plane. The three gates at the airport are now being used for housing the equipment, which currently are being used only for domestic flights.

Self-service luggage check is already used at the Heathrow and London Gatwick airports, and this will be a step forward in the direction. The facial scanning setup will come into effect as soon as the recent UK and US security measures will come into the process.

Facial recognition is emerging in a big way in the aviation industry and many airports worldwide are taking steps to develop this new technology. Airports in Europe are also developing technologies to scan for explosive devices and products.