Due to the advancement in science and technology, now you can travel from the United States to London in less than 20 minutes. And if you are wondering how will that be possible, then we are glad to tell you that the idea of a jet, called the Antipode, has been conceived by Canadian industrial designer Charles Bombardier.

This intriguing airplane will have a place for 10 passengers and can travel at the speed of around 16,000 miles per hour. This jet will fly off the runway just like the normal planes and then use its wing’s rocket boosters to reach the height of 40,000 feet and reach Mach 5. The plane would derive its power from a scramjet engine, and the scramjet engine derives oxygen from the atmosphere directly without carrying huge oxygen tanks. These engines also do not have any moving parts and can be used for a long time.

The jet plane is of course right now just an idea and it may take decades to bring this into reality. Also, as the jet will only have 10 seats, the tickets will be expensive. However, till then we can happily wait in anticipation of this incredible ride.