Business Aircraft

Elite class, either from corporate or super rich who are always used to flying first class on commercial flights would always love to fly self-owned private or chartered private jet on their next flight, whether on vacation or for business.

Private Jet flying is very exorbitantly costly as compared to the first class of the commercial airlines when you do an apple to apple comparison in terms of cost per seat. But this is just a raw comparison, one can say. Both the options have their own merits and demerits. As of today huge number of businesses, professionals, and individuals when wanting to travel for pleasure dismiss flying private jets as it’s too expensive. There is one definite fact about the private jet flying, whether it is a business or pleasure tour, it maximizes your time at the destination and minimizes the traveling time to a great extent and is incomparable to the commercial flights. 

There are some key factors on which the two types of travels can be weighed, though both the options have their own merits and demerits.


Actually this factor can become void if you fall in super rich elite class. But there is another viewpoint on this too. If you have 4 or 5 of your companions / colleagues travelling with you on board at your cost then the private jet is more economical than the commercial flight. This is true when flying the short distance, but for overseas travel always flying first class on commercial flights turns out cheaper, as long-haul flights would require bigger and more expensive private jets.


A truest and unanimously accepted statement, “time is money” and “once lost cannot be recovered”. Boarding commercial flights consume a lot of time in unavoidable procedures such as checking in, being screened, waiting, delayed flights all add up the time to the trip and for top business executives or celebrities, these many wasted hours can add up to huge overhead costs. Private jets not only eliminate all this non-productive time but the on-board time also can be utilized as these jets are also designed for business travel. Flexible landing locations is another time-saving benefit, as they can land at a location nearer to your business meets or pleasure trip destinations. Flexible scheduling is another time saver. Personal Service is another area where private jet charters far exceed first-class.


When it comes to business or a brainstorming before a very important meet or complete relaxation for top celebrities, high profile personal private jets cannot be beaten. Commercial aviation is not really the most favourable environment for conducting business. It can be conclusively said private flying has more advantages than commercial flights “If you are able to afford.”