Credit: Victor

Credit: Victor

Flying Private Jets in the olden days was a sign of super luxury. The private aircrafts were normally owned by royal families, super rich people, and very big Industrial houses. Today it is no more a taboo. Today also two distinct trends are seen, one is people on Page Six and TMZ with the Kardashians or Rich Kids of Instagram (kids of the stinking rich celebrities/people).

The other is as used by the industry, wherein they talk about increased human efficiency and have economic benefits by time-saving of their top brass executives, ease of connection to remote airports and similar lookout. Just to emphasize private jets can fly at 5000 airports in the United States whereas only 500 serve commercial planes. The industry considers it as a “value-added” service.

Private jet flyers are not always men in suit, but today’s data released by one of the leading global private jet charter broker company PrivateFly can surprise us as 37 percent of the passengers flying private jets are women. The other fact surface from this data is the average age of the passengers is 41 years, 14 percent passengers were children under 16 and six percent of the flights had pets on board.

Another buzz private jet providers are generating is safety. In the US though all the planes have to meet FAA requirements, the private providers have gone one step ahead and are hiring safety auditors such as ARG/US (Aviation Research Group) and Wyvern to rate the operators, aircraft, and pilots they use. These are more stringent and close checks.

Also unlike earlier days the fares of private charter flight are getting cheaper. Though they cannot match the fare price of a commercial airliner they are no more exorbitantly sky high to think to fly. The business private jets are now with in-flight hi-speed wi-fi, workstations on board and other office amenities.

The U.S. engine- and equipment manufacturer Honeywell predicts nearly 10,000 new private jets will be in operation in the country by the year 2022. Depending upon the type of owner the requirements of the interior are changing very fast and top fashion designer like Donatella Versace have already come forward with highly innovative, effective and ultra luxurious interiors for these jets which are fully customized. Elite rich and the industrial houses are also very conscious about global eco-footprint of these jets. Jet manufacturer Dassault claims, their fleet of jets is the most environmentally friendly jets on the planet.

Very high quality in-flight entertaining equipments such as a screening room, concert-quality sound system, integrating these systems with your favorite entertainment devices like – video game consoles, smartphones, and tablets are provided to entertain you. Most important is the “Low End” of the private jet market is growing, as the need of the hour is air taxi, short hopping flights!